1. Solutions


This page presents a selection of projects we performed with different technical solutions, please contact us to see if we carried out projects similar to the right you seek

Upgrading, redesign and creation of responsive web

Devcore upgraded and created a responsive design for a non-profit organization. The work included: upgrading, simple shop with Payson integration, block handling easier for editors work.

EPiServer Commerce Site

The solution is based on:

Episerver CMS .NET C#

Time Tracker

DevCore has created a time tracking system for a consultancy company. Time is tracked on company/projects and reporting can be done on users, consultants, companies, projects etc. The system is used as an invoice specification and it is also possible to mark time spent for invoicing or not. 

The solution is based on:

PHP JavaScript ExtJS

Leads management application

DevCore has developed an application where managers at a HQ is able to share leads with resellers. Functionality includes filters, black lists, categories and matching. Managers are able to monitor reseller performance statistics and run reports. The application also contains CRM functionality with case management. The system contains of a web service (SOAP), client application and administration interface. The solution was built using; C#, .NET 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server

The solution is based on:

.NET Microsoft SQL Server Web Services

Order, Inventory, CRM, Invoicing and subscriber system

EPiserver site - Redesign

DevCore has rebuilt an existing EPiServer site for a recruitment company. The project included creating page templates for EPiServer CMS 6 and modify page structures. The site was also integrated with external systems and Google for added functionality. The solution is built using; EPiServer CMS 6, CSS, HTML, Web Services and C# (.NET)

Distributor Management for the consumer electronics chain

DevCore has developed a web application for the administration of catalogs from various distributors, the international consumer electronics chain. The app is continually updated with product data from multiple distributors. The application can be done various configurations, filtrations and mappings between product groups, brands, etc. The application exports aggregated product data into the existing ERP system, so that the right product and price information are available in the stores.

Case Management and Sharepoint integration for a real estate company

As part-time consultants DevCore built an application for a Real Estate Company to manage future leases. A case is created and the customer is connected with a potential property that is available. Case officers are then invited to cooperate and share documents related to the case. The application is integrated against a business and document system using; SharePoint Server 2010, C#, Web Services and SQL Server 2008.

Outlook add-in for a bank

DevCore has developed an Outlook add-in for a Bank. The customer service representatives of the bank uses this functionality to quickly respond to customer inquiries using standardised forms. The add-in functions in multiple Outlook versions and is built using; C#, .NET 4, Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office and ClickOnce

B2B system

DevCore has been part of developing a B2B system for a very large international company. The system is used by the customers resellers and the primary product order channel and is in use in 17 countries. The solution is built using the following technology and solutions; C#, VB.NET, SAP, Castle Windsor, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Ajax and jQuery

.NET based Poker site

DevCore has built, maintained and kept on developing back-office for support to an online poker site as well as built the front-end and CMS functionality. The project also included development of a virtual account balance function with transaction history and the payment functions with integration to several payment gateways. The project also included developing the integration and report functionality against several poker site networks. The solution is based on the following technology and solutions; C# (.NET), JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Integration between SuperOffice and Hummingbird

Devcore has created an integration between SuperOffice and Hummingbird DM to a state company to inside SuperOffice directly access the related documents in Hummingbird.

Rapport Portal in Reporting Services

Devcore has developed a reporting portal with some 50 papers presenting project information including all financial transactions - both for internal and external reporting to a government agency. The goal was to get an overview of the projects, able to quickly find projects according to given criteria and prepare for integrations with external systems.

Upgrading EpiServer

Devcore have upgraded a site in EPiServer CMS 5 to EPiServer CMS 6th

The assignment to upgrade a popular production site in EPiServer CMS 5 for EPiServer CMS 6 R2 with minimal downtime to implement new functionality such as EPiServer CMS is the Mobile Pack.

Time reporting system for consultants for consultants.

Devcore have created a security restricted based time reporting system for consultancies.

Time reporting is done on the company and project basis with the possibility of excerpts of reports and statistics / user / company / project, flex views for users, and billing purposes.

Opportunity to highlight the things's invoicing, add prices etc.
Quick and easy!

Salesforce integration for EPiserver

DevCore has created an integration of FAQ’s, contact forms and other information to import and export data between EPiServer CMS and Salesforce. The solution manages data and includes design of an interim storage database and presentation of data. The solution is built using; MS SQL Server, EPiServer CMS, EPiServer Composer, PageType Builder, Salesforce Apex and .NET.

Set of SharePoint at a pharmaceutical company.

Devcore has set up SharePoint (WSS) from the ground to the pharmaceutical companies for the secure handling of information within the company and thereby created a tailored solution with document management, rights management, task management, calendar, information portal, etc.

EPiServer site with responsive design

DevCore together with another partner migrated a large EPiServer CMS 5-Site CMS 6 for customer within hygiene and paper industry. In connection with the migration so implemented a completely new design, which is also responsive. The site also has a unique feature to manage multiple start pages, as well as different color theme for different business areas. For search functionality has Findwise solutions implemented.

The solution is based on:

Episerver CMS Design

Integration between Sharepoint and Hummingbird

DevCore has helped create a solution for a real estate company to create integrations between the document management system, Hummingbird DM, and SharePoint Services. The documents stored in the Hummingbird DM are listed and can be found easily in SharePoint Portal filtered and sorted on the associated property.

EPiServer Module

Devcore have developed a module for EPiServer for a customer integrated with their analysis services. The module is fully compatible with both version 5.2 and 6 of EPiServer and installed easily via the EPiServer Deployment Center for quick and easy deployment of their users.

The solution is based on:

Episerver CMS .NET C#

Website for publicly listed pharmaceutical company

Devcore has developed a new fully modifiable web page in collaboration with design companies in the CMS platform Concrete5 integrated with Cision for the presentation of news, stock data and graphs.

The solution is based on:

Concrete5 PHP JavaScript

Iphone and Android APP Development

DevCore has developed an iPhone and Android Application to manage call forwarding in a phone system. The app communicates with a web service for information exchange on meeting, lunches and call forwarding settings. The solution is built using; Objective-C, C# and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

ASP.NET MVC Web application

DevCore has developed a web application for a Nordic retail group with over 100 stores. The application enables customer sales staff to manage customer invoicing through partners and is integrated with the group ERP system. The solution is built using; ASP.NET, C# MVC 3 med Razor.

The solution is based on:

.NET C# MVC 3 Razor

Telemarketing CRM and Back-Office

Devcore has been part of developing a customised Telemarketing CRM and back-office system. The objective of the project was to build customised telemarketing campaigns ranging from sales goals, answer cards and power dialling functionality integrated with an Avaya hybrid PSTN switchboard. The system manages anything from simple assignments like appointment setting to more advanced assignments like subscription service sales. Lightweight client access is also available through a web interface, where network or remote access is not available. The solution is built using; VB.NET 1.1, Microsoft SQL Server and PHP

The solution is based on:

PHP Microsoft SQL Server VB.NET

Call Centre Statistics

DevCore has developed an application for a voice service provider displaying call centre statistics on a large screen display. The application collects data from vendor systems and generates reports in tables and graphs to display the agent effectiveness. The solution is built using; C# .Net 4.0, WPF, MVVM and Web Crawling

The solution is based on:

.NET C# WPF MVVM Web Crawling

Webshop EPiServer linked to payment and accounting systems

Devcore has built a web shop for a customer for the sale of own products. The shop is built on EpiStore, a module for web shops in EPiServer and is linked to a payment and on to an accounting system for the reporting of sales.

The solution is based on:

Episerver .NET C# EpiStore

Offert generator med wizard

Force.com tools wizard that generates quotes for sales of branded clothing. Products are entered, specifying characteristics such as color, number and sizes. Then attached to any graphics, input was one wants the different pressures and how large they should be and what print technology to be used, the engine then calculates the rates, beställningsväg and godgännandeprocess initiated.

The solution includes integration with Amazon S2 and payment providers.

Twitter integration in EPiServer

DevCore has built an integration with Twitter's new REST API. Integration presented in a press room with pages from EPIServer.

The client is a financial institution with a lot of traffic and visitors from around the world, Twitter integration is a way for the company to more easily manage their news feeds.

The solution is based on:

Episerver .NET C# Web Services

Financial Accounting

Devcore has developed a web application like Excel with associated reports to manage the reporting of earnings and balance sheets for the quarterly financial statements and annual reports for an investment company. The application also included a number of automatic controls to minimize accounting errors. The goal of the project was to simplifying and streamlining the reporting of several portfolio companies' earnings and balance sheets.

Further development of the ERP system

Devcore has helped a well-known store chain to further develop their logistics and business (time reporting, orders and order processing)

The solution is based on:

.NET C# Microsoft SQL Server

Patent Application

DevCore has been commissioned by a patent attorney company developed an application that manages the large amount of data that the European Patent Office generates every week. The application reads the XML dumps of status changes of all patents and extracts and presents relevant information according to different criteria, and generate Excel files.

The solution is based on:

.NET C# XML Xpath Excel

Report generator in .NET

Devcore has developed a report generator for the creation of dynamic reports with content for the user's own choice with the opportunity to be saved as an Excel file. With the help of the report generator enables users to easily and independently create their reports with selected fields and criteria.

Modules for payments in PHP

Devcore has developed the official payment modules for automatic plugins for several webshop systems such OpenCart, Über Cart and oxide to a well-known provider of payment solutions.

The solution is based on:

PHP E-handel

Website to Research Companies

Devcore has developed an interactive website with press releases, news, calendar, and content all of which are fully modifiable using the CMS platform Concrete5.

The solution is based on:

Concrete5 PHP JavaScript

Homepage for distributor of hair and body care products

Devcore has developed a new website with the customer for the presentation of the company and its products.

The solution is based on:

Concrete5 PHP JavaScript

SharePoint integration with Visma Control Project management

We have helped a real estate company to develop a tool in SharePoint to manage projects saved in Visma Control. Then Visma Control lacked much of the functionality that the project administration demanded, it was chosen to create an interface in SharePoint with extended functionality. DevCore developed front-end with coupling to a data warehouse, which in turn connects with Visma Control.

EPiServer 7.5 site for consolidated within elderly care

The site targets potential and existing customers and stakeholders, with features such as:

  • Tailored geo-spatial search engine to find a nursing home outside city name, county or ZIP code
  • PDF generation of pages
  • Integration of "call-me-up" service

Customized development of applications ment system.

Devcore has helped a well-known organization in the environmental certification to develop a system for digital licensing applications in several Nordic countries. The system includes the design of application forms, application and processing procedures as well as database of licensed products and services.

The solution is based on:

.NET C# Microsoft SQL Server Razor MVC

Product key generator and handling

Tools in Salesforce to generate license keys for different products and product packages. Salesforce calls a Web service written in c # .Net 4.0, which handles generation.

The tool lets administrators configure orders, data is sent to the Web service that returns a key, you have the opportunity to manage existing nycjkalr and printing EAN codes.

Registration for Sharepoint.

DevCore has developed a system for the registration of documents in SharePoint 2010 to a major interest organization.

By a document's dropdown menu in SharePoint 2010, choose a user to register the document to a new or an existing file. Each registration assigned a reference number (2013/0001 etc) and gets his own workspace in SharePoint (the website). This area shows general information about a case manager, date, status, etc., and a listing of all registered as received documents. Each document may be a document id (2013/0001/001 etc.) and becomes locked for editing.

A document that has been registered previously get an icon on top of their existing document icon to indicate that it is registered.

Contract management SharePoint

DevCore has helped a research company to install and configure SharePoint 2013. It also implemented DevCore's contract management module, with bespoke changes to suit the company's needs.

The solution is based on:

.NET C# JavaScript SharePoint 2013

SuperOffice Extension - Subcategory systems projects

SuperOffice supports a subset of the categorization of projects and the customer had a need for multiple subcategory levels. A tab was added in the lower part of the SuperOffice GUI where it was possible to categorize the project. An administration part available from SuperOffice was also to add / delete / edit categories.

Sales support for managing multiple retailers

Devcore has developed an application which allows employees at headquarters can "distribute" contacts / prospects to dealers. Possibility of filtering, blacklisting, category sales and matching is the management application. Managers have the ability to monitor performance, view statistics, run reports, etc. In addition to sales support alone so works the client application also as CRM systems with business process management and return management. The system consists of web services (SOAP) client application and the administration application.

Process-oriented feasibility study

Devcore has helped one of Sweden's leading companies in borrowing to analyze the company's work processes, needs and solutions, and looked at the current system solution for creating a basis for developing a new efficient system that can better help the company to work efficiently and properly in accordance with the company's business.

The solution is based on:

Support Administration Dokumentation

Web integration with underlying systems in PHP

Devcore has developed a website and CMS integrated web application in Concrete5 to manage fifty portfolio companies in the pharmaceutical industry and present its clinical trials and the status of an attractive, scalable and transparent fashion and the integration of stock markets.

The solution is based on:

CMS Concrete5 PHP MySQL

Orders and cashier systems in VB.NET

Devcore has developed on behalf of a shop known existing orders and cashier systems with enhancements that include, among other things, simplified order flow, adaptation to new cash register legislation, better error handling and better reporting.

The solution is based on:

Microsoft SQL Server VB.NET E-handel

Holiday calendar for SharePoint

Devcore has developed a holiday calendar in SharePoint for a company with 100 employees in order to facilitate and centralize the company's holiday management. This was dissolved including by implementing filtering of requests for office, department and employee that was retrieved from the User Profile Services. In addition the calendar clearly the status (pass, fail, etc.) requests had.

The solution is based on:

.NET SharePoint 2010

Homepage for companies in the health and social care

Devcore together with one of our partners have developed a website for a company in health care.

The solution is based on:

Concrete5 PHP JavaScript

Web-based telephony client in .NET and JavaScript

Devcore has developed a web-based telephony client integrated with a phone system for a telesales company that treats about 50 calls per minute to handle incoming and outgoing calls and data on a single, scalable manner. To minimize the load on the servers was added to the maximum extent possible the logic of the clients in the form of JavaScript, while the server environment consisted of .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

The solution is based on:

.NET JavaScript Microsoft SQL Server

Accounting application in ASP.NET MVC

Devcore has developed a web-based accounting application for, inter alia, balance sheet and income to a company's 20 portfolio companies. Previously, all these accounts in various Excel documents. The solution was to replace this with a centralized web application with ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft SQL Server with a graphic design and behavior reminiscent of Excel to provide users a smooth transition to the new interface, while the data could now be used to, among others . reports through the Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

The solution is based on:

.NET Microsoft SQL Server MVC Design

Automated cash handling.

DevCore has been commissioned by a well-known store, built on existing cash register system for automated cash handling. The purpose of automation include: increased safety i.o.m. that all cash will be locked in the safe, streamline the work of the treasurer, authentication of banknotes and to better traceability in the accounts of the cash flow. Instead of the usual cash in at any outlet so now gathered both the deposit and withdrawal of cash in a common banknote handling machine. The commission included the integration of banknote handling machine in the flow of payments, create reports, and to build a touch-based interface for banknote handling machine.

The solution is based on:

.NET WPF Microsoft SQL Server Async VB

SuperOffice and MS Exchange integration

Devcore implemented Intellisync in the customer's environment to synchronize contact and task lists and calendars between SuperOffice and Microsoft Exchange. Included configuring Microsoft Exchange, SuperOffice and implementation of Intellisync.

Tailor Made assembly

DevCore has been commissioned by a manufacturer in the electronics industry has built a system of? Their assembly plants. The system was built from the ground as it would deal with a completely new tillverkninsprocess. The system takes care of the final link in the production chain where the machines final tests, tailored for the customer and prepared for distribution. The system consists of a server that is integrated with the ordering system, financial systems and carriers (UPS and DHL) as well as a client application that directs the work of the assembly staff at the various stations.

Campaign page on tobacco

Devcore has been involved in developing a campaign site to compete with the subsidies on tobacco. The page turns to schoolchildren to reduce tobacco use among young people. The site is integrated with YouTube video viewing.

The solution is based on:

WordPress PHP JavaScript

International EPiServer site with responsive design

Devcore together with partners and customers have developed and implemented responsive design. The site is a large international site with much content and functionality. The old design has been retained but the new design and layout has been designed to fit mobile devices.

The solution is based on:

Episerver CMS Design

Investment Application in .NET

Devcore has developed a web application to manage stock trading, options, convertible loans and regular loans for unlisted portfolio companies to a group that invests in unlisted companies. The goal of the project was that in an orderly way, get reports on shareholder distribution, and investments in various portfolio companies.

Integration motor in .NET

Devcore has developed an integration platform for data integration between the ERP system Mamut, warehouse and inventory systems, Webshop in AbleCommerce and information source Icecat. The solution is made for a Nordic IT wholesale previously manually move data between systems. Using the solution, they have now been automated management of the data flow.

Implementation of Klarna Payment

Devcore has help many customers with the implementation of Klarna's payment solutions. Mainly for e-commerce but also for retail trade.

The solution is based on:

.NET PHP Klarna API E-handel

Butik in SharePoint

DevCore has, as sub-consultant, created a gift shop in SharePoint to a larger property companies. Employees of the company can place orders for gifts they want to give away as gifts to customers. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or as a housewarming gift when changing facilities.

Solution for the control of credit ratings

Devcore has developed a renowned fashion boutique online a quick and effective solution to check their customers' credit worthiness before purchase.

The solution is based on:

.NET C# Klarna API

Project management in SharePoint

DevCore has developed a project management in SharePoint to easily create, maintain and share projects. Each project room utilizing SharePoint's standard functionality but in an adapted version with customized features and design to project management.

The solution is based on:

.NET C# JavaScript SharePoint 2013

E-cards in EPiServer

Devcore has built a proprietary mechanism to send E-cards to a great charity where one chooses motifs, text, receivers and personal greeting.

The solution is based on:

Episerver .NET C#

Website for Electric utilities

Devcore has developed and designed a website with CMS platform WordPress for a telecoms company, for easier handling of products, news, FAQ, contact forms, etc..

The solution is based on:

CMS WordPress PHP JavaScript Design

Blog for Research Promotion Company

Devcore has developed an interactive blog in WordPress with categorization, archiving and graphical presentation and simplicity in collaboration with external design agency.

The solution is based on:

WordPress PHP JavaScript

SuperOffice CRM Implementation and Upgrade

Devcore has implemented a number of SuperOffice CRM implementations and upgrades
eg from version 5 to version 6 and version 6 to version 6.3.

The solution is based on:

SuperOffice CRM

Advanced search functionality in SharePoint

DevCore has to a driving school located in several locations across the country developed a simplified function to find employees in SharePoint. Distraint on the city, offices and expertise makes it easier for reception to know where any employee is working.

The solution is based on:

C# SharePoint Office Server 2007

Wiki-site for a company in the energy industry

Devcore has created an information site for a company in the energy industry. The site is primarily used by schools but also by others to find help and information about energy related issues.

The solution is based on:

PHP JavaScript Mediawiki

Document Management in SharePoint

DevCore has helped a large real estate company that, among other things, develop a system for managing diarieärenden. Diarieärenden related documents and information stored in a place where all employees can easily access the information either through listing or search.

The solution is based on:

C# SharePoint Server 2010

Wiki solution with single-sign-on

To a Swedish bank has Devcore developed a Wiki solution for the management and sharing of knowledge within the organization. The system is rights-driven and works with Siteminder for single-sign-on (SSO) to the existing AD.

The solution is based on:

PHP Dokuwiki Siteminder

Further development of statistical tools for authority

We had to take over the development of a statistical tool that authority wished to make adjustments and expand with new features. Authority, with about 500 employees, using the tool, both internally and with other parties.

The solution is based on:

Utveckling Support

Responsive Design and migrating to SharePoint 2013

DevCore has developed a new responsive design to SharePoint 2013 for a customer in the food. The work included besides a design adapted for computers and mobile devices including data migration from a previous SharePoint Web application.

Dynamics CRM Implementation, design and education

Devcore have implemented, designed, structured and trained an international client in Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

Everything from the set to adapt to the customer's unique needs, to training of the customer all offices (Sweden, Austria and the USA) were included in the project.

Product Configurator

Devcore has created a product configurator to Salesforce for a major technology companies so that their vendors in a simple and transparent way to be able to put together product packages based on a hierarchical structure of product connections.

The solution is based on:

Salesforce APEX

Feasibility study for the introduction of new telephony platform

Devcore has helped one of its customers with a feasibility study for the replacement of the telephony platform. Work bostod in mapping existing solution as well as exploring the market for a suitable new solution that matched the customer's exacting requirements. The feasibility study was completed with a report on the options and recommendations.

The solution is based on:

Rapporter Support

Tools to generate salary details of Access

Devcore has developed a tool to generate salary details to print, with automatic calculation of the qualifying period, vacation, sickness and everything that goes with it. The generated under the law were finished, Microsoft Word documents as the finance department used for salary payment.

The solution is based on:

Rapporter Ekonomi Löner Administration

Website for well-known international pharmaceutical companies

Devcore has been involved in developing a new design for an information site on one of the major diseases. The site caters to people with analysis, tips and advice.

The solution is based on:

Projektledning Webbutveckling Design

Application for automatic login with license

An international construction company has Devcore developed a solution that allows drivers to log in and get their schedules by scanning of his license. The application acts as an independent extension of the customer's existing systems.

The solution is based on:


Website to international companies in the maritime industry

Together with the customer, who has over 40 years in the business of designing and manufacturing furnishings for ships, we have developed a new website. We have been responsible for the design and installation of the entire site in WordPress.